• Testimonials

    "We have a family-friendly modern home with slate floors. Two other design firms unsuccessfully tried to propose the right colors. Then Valerie came and nailed them immediately. She also helped us completely redo the living room, picking our accents and gorgeous light fixtures we would never have thought of. We highly recommend her."
    Garland & Kim Brown Scottdale, AZ Client since 2008
    "Valerie was a joy to work with! We basically redid my house by utilizing everything we already had. With Valerie's creative genius we moved furniture and artwork to create a totally new look. I feel refreshed and uplifted every time I walk in to the house."
    Karyl Andosca Scottsdale, AZ Client since 2009
    "My vacation home in Scottsdale needed updating and Valerie did wonders. With my input she selected carpet, flooring, paint and furnishings, and supervised everything while we were away for the summer. She was great at keeping me within my budget, which I really appreciated. Valerie is extremely helpful, pleasant and trustworthy"
    Huey Johnson Colorado Springs, CO Client since 2008
    As I sit in this calm space, I can't believe how intuitive you are about what I need. You are a very talented person. Through you, I have learned less is more. My heart is beating at a calm rate tonight and I cooked healthy food! The family photos and the doggie on the bed are priceless. (Not quite Dexter, because there would be "dead toys" laying around.) On to our next project! Best,
    Kristen Magnuson has been a client since 2008